Chygrynskiy: What Barcelona paid for me was not my real valu

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Chygrynskiy: What Barcelona paid for me was not my real valu

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Dmitro Chygrynskiy has recalled his time at Barcelona SBOBET and admits that he struggled to deal with the demands of playing under such a heavy transfer fee.With just two appearances in his one year playing for Pep Guardiola's side, he has since moved to Ukrainian sides Shakhtar Donetsk and Dnipro before he landed a transfer to Greek outfit Athens AEK in 2016."The 25 million euros that were paid for me put great pressure on me, it was not my real value," he told Cadena Ser. During the 2009/10 season when the defender was at Camp Nou, Guardiola's men won the LaLiga title and

bowed out of the Champions League in the semi-final to Inter, 3-2 on aggregate. However, Chygrynskiy was amazed by the talents the head coach had at his disposal. "It was another world, I was surprised by SBOBET the level of players like [Lionel] Messi or Zlatan [Ibrahimovic]," he added. "I was part of that team that was so impressive."The Ukrainian only played in two LaLiga matches, making his debut 4-1 win over Athletic Club and his last in the 3-1 victory against Xerez and he remains astonished as to how quickly the Camp Nou crowd can turn."I was surprised by how the Camp Nou treated me. I could not understand how the SBOBET same fans that encouraged me five

minutes ago were now the ones shouting at me," explained Chygrynskiy. Guardiola bought the centre-back to Barcelona in the summer of 2009 and he still has contact with the Spaniard. "I'm still in touch with him, the last time he called me was to ask me about Douglas Costa," he added.Asked on who the better player regarding the Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo argument, Chygrynskiy opted for the man he spent a year training with. "Cristiano is a good scorer, but he is not the best in the world because he is selfish; Messi is different, he always thinks of the team," he said.
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